Groton Dunstable Elementary
Science Showcase

Sponsored by the Florence Roche PTA and the Swallow Union APT

The 2018 Science Showcase has Concluded

Pictures of the event were provided by photography by Andrea

Students and Parents, Welcome to the Groton Dunstable Elementary Science Showcase!

The main goal of the Science Showcase is for participants to have fun while engaging in a scientific process. The 2016 Massachusetts Science and Technology Curriculum Framework that is utilized by the Groton Dunstable Regional School District states, "Knowledge alone is not enough: students need to be able to act on that knowledge. Students need to be able to apply science and engineering practices-skills that let them analyze a natural phenomenon or designed system and determine underlying mechanisms and causes-in civic, college, and career contexts." * The Science Showcase allows participants to do just that!

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn specifics about a scientific subject through research.
  • Perform a scientific project.
  • Use their creative skills to explain their scientific project.
  • Orally communicate their explanation to judges and the general public.

Changes to previous events:

  • Students in each grade level will have the opportunity to win three different awards.
  • Students are being given more flexibility to be creative in how they present their project. Please review the "Guidance" section for all the exciting details.
  • In previous years, students in grades 3 and 4 were required to complete an Experimental Project. This year students in all grades are free to choose between the Informative Project and Experimental Project.

We welcome all elementary students from the Florence Roche and Swallow Union schools to prepare a Scientific Project and present their project at the Science Showcase.

We are excited to provide an arena for scholastic and creative abilities and to share the love of science. We hope that students will leave feeling proud of their accomplishments and learn about many scientific topics from each other.

Please be sure to read all the Rules and Information before starting your project! We would hate for you to have done some work and then realize you have to start all over because you didn’t follow the rules.

We look forward to seeing the many interesting projects that students will prepare. Good luck to all our participants and remember to have FUN!

-- The Science Showcase Team

* Read more about the 2016 Massachusetts Science and Technology Curriculum

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